Contested Divorce in Hawaii


A contested divorce is likely one of the most difficult situations you or your family will ever have to go through. Having a caring and aggressive Hawaii divorce attorney at your side who is dedicated to helping you achieve a positive result is the most beneficial thing for both you and your family.


When divorcing, the parties will need to make decisions regarding children, property, and their new futures apart. Hawaii requires that an action for divorce be based on certain acceptable grounds.  Generally a divorce is termed “contested” when the parties involved cannot agree about the decisions that need to be made upon the termination of a marriage:


  • Child custody

  • Visitation

  • Property distribution

  • Spousal support

  • Grounds for divorce

  • Alimony


The advice and support of a competent and devoted lawyer is crucial during the divorce process. It is our goal to secure an outcome that will satisfy your emotional and financial needs. We work with our clients to ensure they understand every step of this confusing and, at times, grueling process.


Ohana Legal: Hawaii Contested Divorce Lawyers

At Ohana Legal, we provide legal assistance to people throughout all of Hawaii who are facing a contested divorce. Our hard work and dedication enables us to provide outstanding case results for our clients.


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