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Modification of Orders


Modification of Divorce and Other Orders

As time goes by, you and your ex-spouse may need legal assistance with modifying the terms of your divorce. Some examples of modification are:


Amend the amount of child support provided. Changes in income, as well as an increase or decrease in healthcare costs, child care costs, or other expenses relating to raising a child may cause you to ask for more child support if you are the parent receiving it, or less if you are the parent providing it.


Amend the terms of custody or visitation. Custody and visitation schedules can be modified if circumstances for either parent or the children changes.


Amend the amount of alimony provided. A change in income or cost of living can cause you or your ex-spouse to increase or decrease the amount of alimony that is paid. If the spouse remarries or dies, many states will allow alimony payments to terminate.


Modify other portions of the divorce decree. Other details can be included or changed in the divorce, including who will pay for college tuition, rules about drinking and smoking around children, and limits on television and Internet time.


Changing Your Divorce Agreement - Ohana Legal

Regardless of the changes you seek to the terms of your divorce, Ohana Legal is ready to support you. We understand that as time passes, the needs of both spouses and children can dramatically change. You can rest assured that we will work diligently for what is in your best interest and will strive for the utmost protection of your legal rights. Trusted help with your divorce modification matter is available to you now. Contact a Hawaii Divorce Modification Attorney today










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