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Hawaii Child Relocation Attorneys


Orders for Relocation With Children

In these difficult economic times, many parents are faced with the burden of seeking new employment opportunities. Ohana Legal knows that the process of relocation can be difficult, and we will help guide you through the process to fight for your financial security and work to secure an optimal lifestyle for your family. One major issue in a custodial parent's life that can require further litigation or proceedings is relocation. This happens quite often in Hawaii. If you need legal guidance on a matter of relocation, it is in your best interest to get in touch with a skilled Hawaii Divorce Attorney immediately.


Child visitation issues arise when one parent wants to move to the Mainland or another country. A judge may prevent a parent from moving when the other parent enjoyed regular contact with the child. Non-custodial parents might need to take preventative measures such as petitioning for custody or modification to keep the other parent from moving. Custodial parents will be burdened with proving to the court that relocation is necessary for financial or family reasons and that it would not preclude any visitation rights that the non-custodial parent currently enjoys. A judge may also rule that a relocating custodial parent must pay for travel expenses or allow extended summer vacations where the child can have time with the other parent. If the child is moved out of state without an agreement or court order, a habeas corpus petition can be filed with the court within 6 months seeking the return of that child to the state.


Preventing the Relocation of Children

In addition to representing parents seeking to relocate a child, we also represent parents interested in preventing relocation. We understand that non-custodial parents have an interest in making sure that their children are close. Ohana Legal will help you present your case to the court and address other issues involving child support and child custody. The caring and dedicated team at Ohana Legal can assist you with matters of relocation.  Contact a Hawaii Relocation Lawyer as soon as possible to begin skilled work on your case.


Ohana Legal: Hawaii Relocation Lawyers

We focus on your rights and the best interests of your family. Our firm can provide the strategy and services you need to fight for your interests.


Do not just pick up your children and leave without the approval of the court. You may risk your rights and face civil and criminal penalties. We can provide you with the legal assistance you need to protect yourself and your children.


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